Why choose the Oregon State MBA?

You can earn an Oregon State MBA fully online, in-person or via our hybrid model with 80% of course material online and the rest presented in a face-to face format in Portland or Bend. And when life happens, we work with you to find the right mix of online and in-person courses so that you can keep your MBA on track.


Your path is uniquely you, and your MBA experience should be built with your goals in mind. We design our specialized tracks with feedback from industry partners as a direct response to market needs. This gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace whether you are moving up or making a career change.

with you
in mind



You’ll learn alongside accomplished leaders from different backgrounds all over the world who offer diverse points of view in discussions and projects. This global network of peers along with our alumni and employer network will be in your corner, committed to your success.


Our faculty are committed professors and passionate mentors. They also are corporate leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and renowned researchers. The combination of industry experience and high-impact research is the best of both worlds.



Maria Sar

Alumni ‘06
MBA Marketing
Project manager at Partner CO

I hit the button to request more information, scheduled a call with a recruiter to learn more about the flexibility of OSU’s MBA program and that eased my worries about working and going to school at the same time. OSU made it easy to go back to school, and I’ve loved the MBA program and faculty. I’m a full-on supporter, and I’d recommend it to anyone. It definitely got me where I am today. The OSU MBA program is very flexible – not easy – but manageable, doable. And I’m glad it’s not easy. If it were, that would be an issue.

– Sr. Credit Analyst  | Nike