Alina Pariyani – Oregon State MBA

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Alina Pariyani


  • MBA Track

    Organizational Leadership

  • Hometown

    Beaverton, Oregon

  • Preferred Pronoun


  • Undergraduate Institution

    Portland State University

  • Undergraduate Major

    Human Resources & Management/ Leadership

  • Pre-MBA Industries

    Renewable Energy & Manufacturing

  • Intended Post-MBA Industry

    Finance, Legal, & Ethics

  • Ask me about

    Finding value in an MBA as an HR professional and attending interesting networking events within Portland.

  • Why did you choose OSU?

    I liked the flexiblity the OSU MBA provided so that I could maintain balance in my work, school, and social life. 

  • What do you like most about Portland?

    At any given weekend, I can easily stop in at one of the many music venues and discover a new, up and coming band.

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